Would Frida Kahlo care that yellow orchids "aren't right" for a December wedding?

Would she painstakingly cut all carbs (happiness) to look like an Insta model for her upcoming nuptials?

Would her creative vision be bound to Pinterest and popular wedding blogs?


She’d probably light up a cigar, run a comb through her uni-brow, and paint another selfie all because she had the audacity to be true to herself and her vision. 

We share these sentiments.

Yo Frida celebrates the non-conformist spirit that all meaningful and beautiful things stem from – starting with our little corner of custom flowers and weddings. 

Our team of spirited women are artists in their own right – potters, jewelry designers, classically trained dancers, creative writers, floral arrangers. We’ll design and help you plan a wedding that is so unapologetically you, you may just feel the urge to ride a horse bareback.

Yo Frida celebrates all couples, therefore, we are LGTBQ friendly.