You might be thinking:

Wedding planners seem frivolous and judgy.

How hard can it be?

I don’t have a budget like those fools on House Hunters.

My mom can totally do this - she used to sew my scrunchies.

My besties are on board to help.

I don’t want a bossy planner to push their vision on me.

Our thoughts:

  • Wedding planners seem frivolous and judgy. Only if we’re talking about what we’ve seen on E! Wedding planners in real life are hardy stock – we haul tables, sober up drunk bridesmaids, direct lost vendors, handle pushy in-laws, and basically human-shield you from endless interrogation.  Not because we are masochists, but because we want you to love the living daylights out of your wedding. Every bride deserves a stress-free wedding day. We are also really resourceful with boob tape.

  • It can’t be that hard. Anything is doable. We just want you to be present. Imagine getting your wedding photos taken in a quiet Austenian wood and hearing your sister shout LETS LEAVE AND GO TO THE RESTAURANT BECAUSE WE ARE HUNGRY AND SICK OF WAITING. That wouldn't fly with Yo Frida. :) Another great perk: YOU never have to be the bad guy.

  • I don’t have a budget like those fools on House Hunters. We’ve handled ‘My parents are heart surgeons’ weddings and weddings with a $15K or less budget. A good wedding planner will actually keep you IN budget by steering you toward impactful ways to use your funds and AWAY from impractical details if your budget is limited. If $70 velvet linens are out of the question, we’ll find something just as sexy-cool from Etsy.

  • My venue has an event manager. There are always exceptions, but typically these nice folks are more interested in keeping your teen cousin away from the High Life than running the details of your evening. The owner of Yo Frida has designed and planned over 700 weddings. A bat could escape from your cake, and she’d be all “I got this!” with a floral-print net.

  • My mom can totally do this – she used to sew my scrunchies. She absolutely can. But we have a sneaking suspicion she’d rather cup your face, adjust your veil, and ugly-cry in your arms than organize seating, catering, haul gifts, and trouble-shoot all evening. Giving family the day to enjoy and focus on you is a mutual gift.

  • My besties are on board to help. Of course they are! But you’re going to want them by your side. On my wedding day, I paced up and down my house in one of those Hannibal Lecter face masks until my friends pulled up and offered me booze. I NEEDED them. Plus they want to have a good time, too, and sing Despacito at you all day.

  • I don’t want someone else to push their vision on me. Like any great visionary-for-hire, a wedding planner exists to serve. Know exactly what you want? Awesome, we’ll make it happen. Terrified of making decisions? We’ll help you make a pros and cons list. Desperate for a t-rex theme? We legit did this last month. We’re down with whateves so long as it’s you!

We offer month-of and full blown planning and design services. Level of involvement depends on scope of event. Prices start at $1,500